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The first easy-to-read version of the major Hindu holy book with Sanskrit on one side, English on the other!

About The Gita and Hinduism

Hinduism is not only one of the world's major religions; it is also a system of philosophy and a way of life. As a religion, its tenets offer paths to enlightenment, but do not require that its followers adhere to any particular path or set of beliefs. Because Hinduism has no boundaries, it is difficult to define. Yet it does not defy explanation or description. You Know Me—The Gita shows us that without making demands upon Hindus, Hinduism fosters faith, steadfastness of purpose and virtue. It also shows us that while Hinduism accepts God in infinite forms, Hindus know that there is but One God and that this God is formless.

Although Hinduism incorporates many creeds, rites, and ways of worship, it acknowledges that each man has a right to worship as he himself sees fit, and that no man is justified in seeking to force his personal doctrine on anyone else. Thus it is tolerant and capable of absorbing change. Followers of the three major Hindu manifestations of God—Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva—have intermarried and dwelt side-by-side for centuries without bitterness, and countless sub-sects have arisen and disappeared in India with little trouble or acrimony. Buddhists, Jains, Zoroastrians, Christians, Jews, and Muslims have coexisted peaceably with Hindus for centuries.

The Gita is the center of the Mahabharata, a great epic. Like the Bible, the Gita is sometimes difficult to read and understand. Irina Gajjar, Ph.D., translated it into simple English while maintaining its original poetry. Now, anyone desiring to understand the essence of Hinduism can read You Know Me—The Gita and follow Arjun as he converses with Lord Krishna (an incarnation of Vishnu) about God's attributes and his own duties. This discussion is fascinating as well as timeless and timely within the context of our global conflicts. As the Gita begins, we see Arjun standing in his chariot looking out over armies and saying to God, "I will not fight." He lays down his weapons and God replies, "Only the soul is real and the soul can never be killed. For this reason, Arjun, rise and conquer your enemies."

Gajjar likens Hinduism to "...the ocean into which many rivers flow... always changing but always the same."


"He who is without affection either for good or evil is firmly
fixed in perfect knowledge."
- Bhagavad Gita


"The abstinent run away from the things they desire,
but carry their desires with them."
- Bhagavad Gita


About the Author

Irina was raised in a liberal Jewish family and married Navin Gajjar, a very special Hindu, who consistently encouraged, even compelled her to pursue her writing. When Navin was just a boy, an Indian astrologer told him he would meet and marry a foreign woman who would become a famous writer. Navin did not tell her of this prophecy until they were married.

He and Irina have raised three outstanding children. Imbued with both American Jewish and Hindu culture, and influenced by her parents who studied universal religions and philosophies, Irina began to question the philosophical tenets that move our world. When she presented a paper at the International Association of Near-Death Studies on the links between near-death experiences and reincarnation, she knew that multicultural and multipersonal perspectives of birth, life and death required deeper exploration and wider exposure.

 Irina is a writer, linguist, philosopher, scholar, attorney and a teacher. She speaks English, Gujarati –a major language of India-, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, and French. She studied Sanskrit in India for ten years in order to translate the Hindu Scripture into English directly from the original. She graduated from the University of the Americas (then Mexico City College) Mexico, Magna cum Laude, at seventeen with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Romance Languages. Subsequently she obtained a Master of Arts degree in Spanish from Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania. She followed that with a Ph.D. in Ancient Indian Studies from Bombay University in India and a J.D. degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

What Others Have To Say...

"Irina Gajjar has written a clear and contemporary version of one of the most important scriptures of the world's wisdom. You Know Me is an important contribution and will help us all to have a deeper insight into the path of enlightenment."

Deepak Chopra


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