Gay & Lesbian Near-Death Experiences

Crossing Over & Coming Home





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“Dr. Liz Dale's research into NDEs (Near-Death Experiences) among gays and lesbians is a timely and well-needed addition to gay/lesbian literature and to NDE research in general. Her empirical evidence is well-grounded by standard research methods of NDE experiences. The gay and lesbian NDE experiences were comparable to non-gay NDE experiences, i.e., there weren't any differences, or approval or disapproval of sexual orientation, on the other side. The message that did come through on all NDEs was the message of 'love'.”


Ron Grantz, Sacramento




“People in the gay community have been so close to death on so many occasions since the onslaught of the AIDS epidemic that they have become the natural experts on NDEs in our time. Because they not only have had NDEs themselves, but are also surrounded by other people who have had NDEs. These communities are becoming a prototype of what communities might be. We are acutely aware of our own mortality and live from the values learned in an NDE. Dr. Liz Dale's compilation of NDE stories from the gay community is a welcome and timely addition to the NDE literature. Her research into NDEs in the gay community is ground-breaking.”


Pamela M. Kircher, M.D., Author of Love is The Link




“... a wonderful affirmation of the power and meaning near-death states can have on the experiencer. For the individual, though, it is especially important that a comfortable climate exists for the sharing of their stories. Since no one has done that for the gay community, Liz Dale is to be commended for her sensitivity in this regard.”


P. M. H. Atwater, Lh.D, Near-death researcher since 1978 Author of many books on the subject, especially Children of the New Millennium




“. . . an important book. A pioneering study of near-death experiences in the gay community, it is also a major contribution to the general understanding of the phenomenology of near-death states and their effects on survivors.”


Stanislav Grof, M.D. Author, The Human Encounter with Death and Beyond the Brain


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